Woodbury Strings Fiddle Club: The Tunes

The tunes listed below are tunes that Sap Run Fiddlers had learned and performed since their first year in 2004 (Last update February 2011-mp3s will be added soon).  We have left much of this intact and will continue to add tunes for the Woodbury Strings Fiddle Club as we are able.  The tunes are listed in alphabetical order with an indication of level of difficulty (E= Easy; M=Moderate; C= Challenging).  These levels are made to roughly coordinate with our playing levels listed on the Woodbury Strings Fiddle Club Home Page.  All tunes, naturally, could be made more challenging by adding embellishments and increasing spead.  The indications are to help those using this page to select tunes appropriate for the level of the musician learning the tune.  There is a list at the bottom of this page of the tunes that are in current use (last updated March 2014) for Woodbury Strings Fiddle Club events.  Please ask your teacher for more information and check the schedule for performance opportunities.

Aside from the list, there are three files that you may have the option of downloading.  These could include and mp3 of the tune played slowly or at a moderate tempo to facilitiate learning by ear, a pdf or jpg file of sheet music, and the same type of file for tablature for those who do not read music.  For instructions on interpreting tablature, CLICK HERE.

While sheet music or tablature may be helpful for you and your fiddle teacher to help you learn the tune, all tunes should be memorized and played by ear at Woodbury Strings Fiddle Club events.  We encourage you to try to utilize the mp3 most for learning. Listen to it repeatedly, and then try playing along until you get all the notes (CLICK HERE for a helpful document about learning by ear, attending a slow jam, and sitting in with a contradance band).  The mp3's are low quality to keep the file size low and are provided by Woodbury Strings or the instructors who introduced the tunes to Sap Run Fiddlers during one of the workshops since our beginnings in 2004.  The instructor who introduced and, most likely, recorded the mp3 will also be noted along with the genre if known. These files are intended for teaching purposes only.  All rights reserved.

We hope that you will be able to learn some of these and join us at our next event!  Make sure you get on our E-list to find out what tunes we'll be playing at our next concert or contradance! Good luck and enjoy!


(E= Easy; M=Moderate; C= Challenging)

A Cup of Tea (C- Irish)
Å Jänta, Å Ja (M- Swedish)  mp3 from David Kaynor      Sheet Music      Tablature
Angeline the Baker (E-American)
Cabbage (E-American)
Cluck Old Hen (E-American)
Crooked Stovepipe (C- French Canadian)
Cumberland Gap (M-American)
D’Amade Two Step (M-Cajun)
Dan Collins’  Father’s Jig (M- Irish)
Dollar Polka (E-Irish)
Duck River (M-American)
Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss (M-American)
Forked Deer (C-American)
Francie Mooney's Mazurka (M-Irish)
Golden Slippers (M-New England)
Green Mountain Petronella (M-New England)
The Hag at the Churn (M-Irish)
Hens Feet and Carrots (M-Danish)
Hot Cross Buns (E-American)
Ida Red (E-American)
Jim Along Josie (E-American)
John Brosnan’s Polka(E-Irish)
John Doherty's Mazurka (M-Irish)
Keep A’ Knockin (M-Cajun)
Kerfunken Jig (M-Irish)
Kerry Polka (E-Irish)
Lazy Kate (M-American)
The Maid in the Meadow (M-Irish)
Mon Vieux wagon [My Old Wagon] (M-Cajun)   mp3 from Andy Stewart
The Munster Bank Polka (M-Irish)
The Newmarket Polka (M-Irish)
Old Liza Jane (E-American)
Old Molly Hare (M-American)
Prenez Plaisir (Have Fun)  (E- French Canadian):  mp3 from Sarah Blair      Sheet Music   
Pwt ar y Bys (M-Welsh)
Rabbit Stew (E-American)
Road to Lisdoonvarna (M-Irish)
Rock the Cradle Lucy (M-American)
Sailor’s Bonnet (C-Irish)
Sandy Boys (M-American)
Shortnin’ Bread (E-American)
Solomon Levi Jig (M-Canadian)
Sourwood Mountain (E-American)
Terry Teahan's Polka (M-Irish)
Timmy Clifford’s Jig (M-Irish)
Tombigbee Waltz (M-American)
The Trip to Athlone (M-Irish)
Walking in the Parlor (M-American)
You Married My Daughter But You Didn’t (M-French Canadian)
2014 Tunes currently in use:
Sandy Boys
L'Oiseau Bleu (Bluebird)
Cotton Eyed Joe
Robinson County
Shortnin' Bread
Buffalo Gals